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Pink Amethyst Beads

Pink Amethyst Beads (1)

The very name of this gemstone is a synonym for purple, so why is it called pink amethyst? This variety of quartz comes in a range of colors from deep, dark violet to pale lilac, and in recent years the lighter specimens have been singled out and called pink amethyst or Rose de France. They are not the same pink as a rose quartz, but have a definite pinkish-purple, lilac hue to them. Pink Amethyst Beads are becoming very popular and is a gemstone bead to consider for crafters and jewelry designers.

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    Matte Pink Amethyst Plain Pear Beads 8 inch 40 pieces

    Beads range from 7mm to 16mm in diameter.

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Because we buy beads in volume, affordable beads, beading supplies and charms are always a guarantee. When you're purchasing your next jewelry design or project materials online with the Bead Traders, you will save money as well as find everything you need, all in one place.

How Does Amethyst Become Pink

Amethyst, a variety of quartz gemstone, appears purple because it contains both red and blue hues to varying degrees. The red color comes from iron molecules in the quartz and the blue from silicon. When there is more iron in the crystal, the amethyst takes on a redder hue, and if it is a paler gem, it will be classified as a pink amethyst. Amethysts can also be found in green, which is called prasiolite, and yellow, called citrine. Ametrine is a crystal that is half amethyst and half citrine, and some of these have been created in a laboratory setting. The color of an amethyst can also fade if it is exposed to strong sunlight, so be sure to store your pink amethyst beads out of direct sunlight.

Rose de France

The Rose de France amethyst’s pinkish hue is delicate and beautiful, but being a variety of quartz, amethysts are very hard stones with a rating of 7 on Moh’s Scale. This makes pink amethyst beads a great choice for jewelry that will be worn every day. When creating pink amethyst jewelry, these delicate beads look lovely mixed with other light-hued pink beads, such as rose quartz or pink chalcedony, or with clear, white or black beads like crystal quartz, freshwater pearls, obsidian or black spinel.

Amethyst Legends and Lore

Amethyst is plentiful and popular and was named the birthstone for February. Long ago it could only be worn by people with royal blood, but when large deposits for the gemstone were located in Brazil, its popularity for jewelry and carvings grew. An ancient tale from Greece tells the story of how the stone got its name. The goddess Artemis was out hunting with her nymphs one day when they heard a woman screaming. She was being chased by the god Dionysus, and Artemis turned Amethyst to stone to protect her virtue. Dionysus, the god of wine, bestowed the color of ripe grapes on the stone along with the ability to protect anyone wearing it from becoming drunk. Amethyst still bears the reputation of preserving sobriety, and some people who are battling with alcohol abuse wear pink amethyst beads to help with that struggle.

Amethyst is also considered a spiritual stone ,and people who work with crystals use it to promote clear thinking and increase wisdom and psychic powers. If you are plagued by nightmares, place some pink amethyst beads under your pillow before you go to sleep. Amethyst is also believed to increase courage and was once worn by travelers to guard against highwaymen and thieves.

Quality and  Value

At the Bead Traders we only sell beads that we would want to buy. We started this site to provide you with quality beads at great prices, because we had so much trouble finding good gemstones and findings. All of our merchandise is quality inspected and we never substitute lower quality beads for higher. That’s our Three-Part Value Pledge. Come to the Bead Traders for pink amethyst and other gemstones and jewelry-making supplies.

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