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2mm+ Drill Hole Gemstone Beads

Only the Bead Traders is your go-to site for high-quality beads. Our vast selection of freshwater pearls, focal beads, and gemstone beads runs the gamut of style and size; it includes Large Hole Gemstone Beads to magnify your creative possibilities.

While some say crafting is an expensive interest to take up, we believe everyone should have access to the joy of affordable beads and beading supplies, so in addition to our impeccable customer service, we’re proud to offer premium-quality products at affordable prices. This is due to our three-part value pledge. Check out our massive inventory and find everything you're looking for today.

Variety, Volume, Value

Thanks to our power buys, we’re able to keep our price points competitive regardless of rises in bead acquisition costs. Other companies raise a bead’s price whenever the price acquire it rises, but because we buy products such as large hole gemstone beads in bulk, our prices remain lower for longer, even when the value of a bead has risen.

Our any price inspection policy means that we rigorously assess the quality of every single bead we acquire, no matter its retail price point. We treat our lowest-cost items exactly the same as we treat our highest-cost items.

Finally, thanks to our no substitution, no downgrade policy, we guarantee that what you see is what you get: we prevent secondhand, substitute, and imitation products from going to market. Unlike others who deceive their clients and raise profits via defective goods, we put the customer first.

Go Big or Go Home

You may use a thicker material to string your beads because it offers more durability, or is pertinent to the design you have in mind. Depending on your working materials, large hole beads prevent onerous tasks like reaming smaller-holed beads to fit your thicker cord. With the other bead guys, you might find that going big with large hole gemstone beads comes at the cost of diminishing your flexibility due to their slim selections and questionable protocols. We’re here to treat you better and meet all of your project needs.

Living Large

We offer a wide selection of large hole gemstone beads in many colors, featuring styles such as fossilized coral, petrified wood, agate, and Murano. These come in a variety of hole sizes to meet your project needs.

When you’re looking to accommodate thicker materials like satin cord, ball chain, ribbon, and leather, our large hole gemstone beads are the perfect solution. With this accommodation, you can let your creative mind roam. For example, string a spring through your large hole beads for pattern layering on top of your main cord. Large hole beads also make an elegant addition to any Macramé project, as well as in designs for earrings, drops, and pendants.

Whatever your craft concept, the Bead Traders is here to meet your bead needs.

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