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Keshi Freshwater Pearls

Keshi Freshwater Pearls are typically cultivated on farms, but they can also be found in the wild wherever there are pearl-forming mollusks and wherever there is freshwater. These beautifully shaped pearls originated in Japan.

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What Makes Keshi Freshwater Pearl Beads Special?

Keshi freshwater pearl beads are small and generally flat.They are sometimes called cornflake pearls or petal pearls due to their unique shapes. Their uneven shapes are sometimes compared to those of baroque pearls. The color of the pearls that are produced depends on the color of the shell of the mollusk that produces it. Keshi pearls tend to be cultivated on purpose for their intricate and varying shapes, as many jewelers tend to find them intriguing and unique to work with.

However, those that are found in nature were formed due to flaws in production or by mistake... but if these are mistakes, they are certainly some of the most gorgeous ones we've ever seen!

Our Selection of Keshi Freshwater Pearl Beads

While the name of these pearls comes from their resemblance to tiny, round, black seeds, these special stones are available in a wide assortment of all natural colors as well. From the light and lustrous Lemongrass Green to the dark and sumptuous Peacock -- and any shade in between -- your options are practically limitless! Stick with one color for a monochrome and sleek look, or mix and match for a fun, colorful keshi pearl necklace. Our keshi freshwater pearl beads are available in both single color and multicolor strands. With center drilled, top drilled, and side drilled options available, you can choose the perfect fit for the shape of your next beading project.

Here at the Bead Traders, we ensure the quality of our products and your satisfaction with our three-part Value Pledge.

  • Our Power Buys are designed to save you money by allowing you to buy in bulk - we guarantee that you will get more beads for your buck!

  • Any Price Quality Insurance will ensure that you are shopping for consistently high quality products at consistently affordable prices.

  • Our No Substitution, No Downgrade policy keeps you safe from buying low-quality knock-off products. We make sure that our products are the real deal.

the Bead Traders prides itself on its customer service, so any concerns that you have regarding your orders are our highest priority. Contact us today.

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Beautiful range of Yellow Green Top Drilled Keshi Freshwater Pearls 15 inch 60 pieces - Buy From The Bead Traders Online Store.
Premium quality Golden Green Top Drilled Keshi Freshwater Pearls 15 inch 93 pieces - Buy From The Bead Traders Online Store.
High quality Copperish Green Top Drilled Keshi Freshwater Pearls 15 inch 85 pieces - Buy From The Bead Traders Online Store.
Premium quality 6x5-9x6mm Golden Green Center drilled Keshi Freshwater Pearls 15.5 inch - Buy From The Bead Traders Online Store.

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