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Idocrase Beads

Idocrase Beads (1)

At the Bead Traders, our commitment to you is simple: we always provide you with high quality products and the most affordable beads. We do this because we’re just as passionate about gemstone beads as you are, and we don’t believe you should have to sacrifice quality for price. Our Idocrase Beads are another of our high quality examples that exemplify this belief. Because we buy beads in volume, you save money when you purchase all of your beading supplies with us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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    Idocrase Faceted Coin Beads 8 inch 18 pieces

    Beads measure 9mm to 10mm in diameter.

    Original price $60.00 - Original price $60.00
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Storied Past

The gem name idocrase, from the greek phrases for “form” and “mixture”—is a reference to its complex makeup of metals, oxygen, and other common elements such as hydrogen. The idocrase gemstone is just what its name indicates, a mixture of various mineral and crystal forms. A relatively soft stone, idocrase is known to form in skarn and limestone deposits around the world.

Due to its structural formation, idocrase gemstones are a unique and somewhat rare mineral. Originally discovered on Mt. Vesuvius, the infamous volcano that destroyed Pompeii nearly two thousand years ago, idocrase is sometimes referred to as vesuvianite. The phrase vesuvianite is typically reserved for the stone in its rough mineral form and idocrase for its more refined gemstone form.  

Vibrant Hue

Idocrase, which is sometimes misleadingly called California Jade, is most typically found in shades of green. However, some idocrase gemstones contain light blues or even rich purples, like lilac or violet. Some stones even have multi-colored streaks or spots because of its mixture of various crystal forms.

Our high-quality idocrase beads are offered in a variety of green hues. With a smoky translucence, our idocrase stones are incredibly vibrant and are sure to bring attention to any craft or jewelry project you create around them.

Stone of the Heart

Prized for more than just their striking beauty, idocrase gemstones are also sought out for their metaphysical qualities. Idocrase is considered an astrological gemstone typically connected with the birth signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn. The stone is commonly associated with embracing the desires of the true self and the longings of the heart. For those who wear it, the gem brings about positive, forward movement and is utilized to overcome the negative energy of the ego.

Most often connected with the heart, idocrase brings about wholeness and releases negative attachments. Used as a guide to find a true direction in the life of the wearer, idocrase can illuminate a path to inner strength, truth, and positivity. Bringing aspects of strength and courage to whoever wears it, idocrase beads are recommended for anyone entering cooperative arrangements, like a business or personal relationship.

Choose the Bead Traders for Your Bead Needs

When looking for premium-quality beads and gemstones, look no further than the Bead Traderss. We proudly offer idocrase beads in faceted heart, round, and top drilled beads. Our friendly staff is always available for questions, concerns, and product inquiries. Pick yours out today!

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