Dendritic Opal Beads (2)

Dendritic opal is any type of common opal that has dark inclusions running through it. The inclusions are often manganese and create fern, tree or leaf-like designs in the polished stones, which make them look like landscape paintings. Dendritic Opal Beads come in all kinds of shapes and colors and make fascinating jewelry. Buying gemstone beads online at the Bead Traders means you will always get affordable beads and beading supplies, because we buy in volume, and pass the savings on to you.

Premium quality 15-20mm Pink Peruvian Opal Straight Drilled Faceted Ovals 16 inch 22 pieces - Buy From The Bead Traders Online Store.

15-20mm Pink Peruvian Opal Straight Drilled Faceted Ovals 16 inch 22 pieces


measures approximately 15x12x7mm up to 20x15x7mm on the 16 inch strand of 22 pieces with Dendritic Internal Features

Best buying 13x17-19x23mm Pink Peru Dendritic Opal faceted oval beads 8 inch 9 pieces - Buy From The Bead Traders Online Store.

13x17-19x23mm Pink Peru Dendritic Opal faceted oval beads 8 inch 9 pieces


13x17-19x23mm Pink Peru Dendritic Opal faceted oval beads 8 inch 9 pieces: Approximate

Common Opal vs. Precious Opal

Opals in general are made of silica and water and don’t have a crystal structure that fractures along straight lines. They are often cut in rounded cabochons. The most important difference between common opals and precious opals is that precious opals display opalescence or the play of fire. The stones have flashes of color inside them that change as the light hits the stone from different angles. Common opals do not have a play of fire, but they often have dendritic inclusions which create tree-shaped pictures when the dendritic opal beads are cut and polished skillfully.

Types of Dendritic Opal

There are several different types and colors of common opals that have dendritic inclusions.

  • Honey opals are a mixture of golden yellow and white

  • Pink Peruvian opals are red or pink and white

  • Blue Peruvian opals are blue or green and white

  • Moss opal is cream-colored or tan with green inclusions that resemble moss

Despite their different colors, all of these dendritic opal beads have dark streaks running through them in the characteristic tree shapes. The artistic qualities of the inclusions are more dramatic with larger stones.


A white variety of common opal with black inclusions is known as merlinite, named after the wizard in the court of King Arthur. It is found mainly in New Mexico. While merlinite is a form of dendritic opal, not all dendritic opal beads are merlinite.

Healing Properties of Dendritic Opal

Dendritic opal beads help the wearer develop a stronger connection to nature because of the tree-like markings. It is a good stone to help with grounding and bringing someone down to earth. Dendritic opal jewelry can help you focus on personal goals, especially if you are looking to buy property. It is also good for healing past life wounds.

Dendritic opal jewelry can also aid in bringing honesty and sincerity into a relationship. It is often recommended to step-families by crystal healers to help them come to know and respect each other better. Having dendritic opals present during family or group discussions lessens tension, releases stress and helps form stronger bonds. It is considered an excellent gift for newlyweds to help them get off on the right foot.

On the physical level, dendritic opal is said to help the vascular system, especially with varicose veins. It is also related to the digestive system and can help ease constipation. It is used by crystal healers to help people avoid consuming too much fat and is an aid in weight loss efforts. Dendritic opal jewelry is also thought to improve eye function.

Triple Value Guarantee

When you buy dendritic opal from the Bead Traders, you can trust that you are getting a great deal.Our Three-Part Value Pledge means that we purchase gemstones in bulk to keep prices low but still give customers a good buy. Even close-out and sale beads are inspected for quality, and lower quality beads are never substituted for higher quality gemstones if an item is out of stock. If we are out of an item, we will send you beads of greater value than the ones you originally ordered. Trust the Bead Traders for great price and high quality gemstones and beads!

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