Charoite Beads (2)

While many gemstones have been treasured for thousands of years, charoite was only discovered rather recently. This rare variety of silicate mineral is found exclusively in Russia, near the Murun Mountains. Charoite Beads are a striking mixture of purple, lavender, white, gray and black. Large polished pieces of charoite have a pearly luster and are ideal for unique, interesting jewelry pieces. We buy beads in volume, so you will always find affordable beads and beading supplies at the Bead Traders.

11x7-21x5mm Charoite top drilled elongated chip beads 8 inch 34 pieces

11x7-21x5mm Charoite top drilled elongated chip beads 8 inch 34 pieces


approximate 11x7-21x5mm, 8 inch, 34 pieces

6x5-7x7mm Charoite plain chip beads 7.5 inch 143 pieces

6x5-7x7mm Charoite plain chip beads 7.5 inch 143 pieces


approximate 6x5-7x7mm, 7.5 inch, 143 pieces

Amazingly Rare

Charoite was first discovered in 1948 near the Charo River in eastern Siberia. However, that sample was misidentified and another specimen was not collected until 1978. Husband and wife geologists, Yuri G. and Vera P. Rugovs, were the ones who found and described the new mineral, which has only been found in that area. The charoite deposit was located in a geological formation that is in and of itself fairly rare and known as a massif. There are other massifs in Australia, California and on the island of Corsica, but so far only the Siberian site has yielded Charoite.

Ugly Duckling

Why was charoite overlooked for so long? Perhaps it is because it is only found in an extremely remote area. Another reason could be that before it is cut and polished, this fibrous mineral is not very attractive; however, once a lapidary goes to work on it, watch out! Charoite beads display a combination of different shades of purples, grays and blacks that is not found in any other gemstone.

Creating with Charoite

The mottled purple, gray and black of charoite beads look stunning when strung together or mixed with other beads. Black beads -- for example, onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, agate or chalcedony -- set off the deep violet and pale lavender shades of the charoite. White beads, such as moonstone, opal or  howlite, provide a cooler, balanced look. Cut and faceted beads have a sophisticated style, while chunky, natural nuggets display a wild beauty. Of course, metallic beads, particularly silver, are very striking when mixed with charoite in any jewelry piece.

Supportive Stone

Despite being a newcomer on the crystal scene, charoite has an impressive reputation among people who work with stones for healing. The color purple is connected with transforming negative energy to positive and charoite is considered a transformative stone. It is useful for grounding and for overcoming fears, compulsions and obsessions. Physically, it is used by healers to regulate blood pressure and to aid with sleep. Sleeping with charoite beads under your pillow is said to help ward off nightmares and to fight fears that surface during dreams.  

Top Quality and Great Selectio

the Bead Traders has the beads you’re looking for your next jewelry or art project. Our Triple Value Pledge guarantees that you will get a quality product at the best possible price. First, we buy in large quantities and pass the savings on to you. Second, everything we sell is hand-picked and inspected for quality, and third, we will never substitute lesser quality beads for the selection you ordered. You won’t be disappointed with charoite beads when you order them from the Bead Traders.

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