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Carnelian Beads

Carnelian Beads (1)

Carnelian Beads range in color from orange to red to dark brown. This gemstone has been used for jewelry and ornamentation since ancient times, and at one time it could only be worn by members of the aristocracy. Now carnelian beads are a great choice for jewelry making when you need that orange red that glows like fire. Buying online at the Bead Traders means you will get affordable beads and beading supplies every day, because we purchase beads in volume, and pass the savings on to you.

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    Carnelian Faceted Tube Beads 15 inch 30 pieces

    Natural Carnelian faceted Tubes measure approximately Carnelian faceted nuggets measure approximately 17x17mm up to 23x17mm in size, exhibit vitreo...

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Carnelian or Cornelian

Carnelian is a type of chalcedony containing silica and iron oxide, and it is the iron that gives carnelian beads their beautiful, fiery reddish orange hue. Sard is similar to carnelian, although sard tends to be a bit harder, and the two names are often used interchangeably. Both carnelian and sard come mainly from Germany, Brazil, Siberia and India. Carnelian is often found in rock cavities; in the United States, there are large carnelian deposits around the Great Lakes, in Massachusetts and in Missouri.

The name is sometimes also spelled ‘cornelian.’ Both are correct, although ‘cornelian’ is thought to be the original form with ‘carnelian’ becoming more popular after the 16th century. Scholars think that the name may have come from the Latin ‘cornum,’ or cornel cherry, because the red stone resembled the fruit.

Signed and Sealed

Carnelian beads can be cut and polished into any shape or size, but cabochons and cushions are the most popular form. The stones were found at the Minoan palace of Knossos from the Bronze Age on the island of Crete. The Romans carved carnelian for seals and signet rings because melted wax doesn’t stick to the stone when it is used to seal documents and scrolls. Only nobly born people were allowed to use carnelian, and many people of high social rank were buried with red carnelian beads as a sign of status.

Good Vibrations

Need more pep in your step? Wear carnelian beads to increase energy and protect yourself from negativity. Carnelian is also thought to control the temper and instill a feeling of calm. It is also said to lighten the mood, promote a sense of humor and protect against poverty. Red carnelian beads are also used to increase the appetite in people who have been ill or have difficulty eating.

Burning Red

Large, chunky, red carnelian beads look spectacular when strung together on a necklace or bracelet. Orange red carnelian is also popular for rings and engraved broaches. Larger stones can exhibit striations and variations in color that are very striking. Carnelian is attractive with other stones, such moss agate, African opals, jasper and snowflake obsidian.

Great Service and Excellent Quality

the Bead Traders has been an online retailer of gemstone beads, freshwater pearls, metal beads and jewelry findings for ten years, and we are dedicated to bringing you the best beads at the best price. We guarantee everything we sell and our customer service representatives are always ready to answer your questions. Get your carnelian beads from a company with experience and knowledge.

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