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Amethyst Beads

Amethyst is a beautiful purple gemstone that is a form of quartz. This lovely violet stone has been worn as jewelry since ancient times. It used to be quite rare and expensive, but discovery of large deposits in Brazil and other places has made this lovely gem much more accessible to today’s jewelry makers. At the Bead Traders, buying Amethyst Beads online has never been easier. Because we buy in volume, we offer affordable beads and beading supplies every day.

Versatile Quartz

Amethyst is one of the most popular forms of quartz gemstones. Like other varieties of quartz, amethyst beads can be cut and polished into many shapes and sizes. Amethyst can be purchased as natural nuggets, large cabochons or strings of chips. Amethyst gemstone beads are available faceted or smooth, and in shapes ranging from round to square, ovals, pears, hearts, leaves and many others. Artists love amethyst because it can be cut into freeform shapes. If you have a favorite shape, you can probably find it in amethyst beads.

Perfect Purple

The most noticeable attribute of amethyst is its purple color. Amethyst gemstone beads range from the palest lilac to rich roya to almost black. The most valuable gemstones will have a deep, reddish purple color. Inclusions are unusual in amethysts, although it can also be found mixed with other varieties of quartz gemstones, such as citrine. This produces a stone called ametrine that is both purple and yellow. The different colors and shapes of amethyst beads mix well together in pieces of jewelry.  

Birthstone for February

Amethyst is the official birthstone for the month of February. At one time it was only worn by royalty because of its deep purple color, and was considered a precious stone. There is a mythological story from Greece about the origin of amethyst. One of the nymphs of Artemis was being pursued by the god  Dionysus, and Artemis turned her into a stone to protect her. Dionysus turned the stone the color of ripe grapes and gave it the property to protect its wearer against drunkenness. The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst would keep drinkers from becoming intoxicated; as a matter of fact, the name of this gemstone comes from the Greek word amethystos, which means ‘sober’.  Jewelry and goblets made of amethyst were were popular with the Greeks and Romans.

Healing Properties

Because of its reputation for soberness, people have worn amethyst beads throughout history in an effort to overcome alcohol addiction. Amethyst is also said to increase mental clarity, wisdom and psychic powers. Put a piece of amethyst under your pillow to guard against bad dreams. The ancient Egyptians believed that amethyst beads gave the wearer courage and protected travelers against thieves.

Bishop’s Stone

To this day, the stones in the rings of most Catholic bishops are made of amethyst. The rings usually have a single large oval-cut amethyst with the diocesan seal cut into it. The oldest surviving bishop’s ring dates back to 610 CE. Many rosaries are still made from amethyst beads today.

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