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Moss Aquamarine Beads


These gorgeous beads from the beryl family have a wonderful earthy hue that is perfect for lovers of nature. Our Moss Aquamarine Beads have inclusions that give them a translucent moss-like appearance, highlighted by the iron trace elements within. Many enthusiasts love the moss aquamarine because it has a slightly greener tint than the traditional blue-green aquamarine gemstone. Our moss aquamarine gemstone beads are truly a sight to behold from afar and especially up close.

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  • 10-12mm Moss Aquamarine Plain Heart Beads 8 inch 13 pieces
    $61.64 $46.00
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  • 11-15mm Moss Aquamarine Faceted Freeshape Beads 9 inch 48 pieces
    $474.03 $176.12
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  • 11-18mm Moss Aquamarine Faceted Teardrop Beads 7.25 inch 54 pieces
    $491.99 $183.08
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  • 8x8-9x9mm Moss Aquamarine faceted pillows 14 inch 33 beads
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  • 9-13mm Moss Aquamarine Faceted Rondelle Beads 8 inch 28 pieces
    $175.54 $65.17
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  • Moss Aquamarine Beads Faceted 10x10-12x12mm Hearts, 8" length, 38 pcs
    $81.74 $61.00
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  • Moss Aquamarine Beads Faceted Rondelles, 8" length, 7-13mm dia, 28 pcs
    $108.54 $81.00
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  • Moss Aquamarine Faceted Heart Beads, 8 inch, 7x7-13x13mm, 44 pieces
    $95.14 $71.00
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