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Ametrine Beads

Ametrine Beads combine the royal purple hue of amethysts with the airy golden yellow color of citrine. This transparent gemstone comes from the quartz family and is mined mostly in Brazil and Bolivia. If you are looking for an exotic and modern bead with a luxurious and sophisticated appeal, these ametrine beads are absolutely perfect.

Similar ametrine gems were first discovered in the 1600s by the Spanish Conquistadors. Since then, these rare ametrine gems have become highly prized for their stunning aesthetic properties. Purple has long been known as a color that represents royalty;  now you can add a touch of royalty to your own life with these unique and gorgeous ametrine beads.

You can always trust the Bead Traders to offer affordable beads and beading supplies, because we buy beads in volume, and pass the savings on to you.

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  • 15x6-20x7mm Ametrine curved plain teardrop beads 9 inch 43 pieces
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  • 18x7-20x7mm Ametrine curved plain teardrop beads 9 inch 42 pieces
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  • 6mm Ametrine Faceted Coin Beads, 13 inch
    $20.10 $15.00
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  • Ametrine Faceted Nugget Beads 15 inch 15 pieces
    $80.40 $60.00
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